ESPN 2011 Mock Draft No. 1

Posted: January 26, 2011 in League News

The fantasy experts over at ESPN have just posted their first Mock Draft for 2011.  See where your Keepers rank.  To save Baller the trouble I can let you know that Angel Pagan is #116 (12th round, pick 6).  Check out the entire draft HERE.

  1. Sean says:

    Quick glance at this mock and I don’t like it already.

    ZERO Crackheads taken in the 1st round. Although there are four taken in the 2nd round and another two picks into the 3rd.

    Looking down the Mock further, it looks like hitters are valued much higher than pitchers (both SPs and RPs) in this one.

    Angel Pagan (round 12) was drafted ahead of the 3 Oriole players kept in the O – Adam Jones/Nick Markakis/Mark Reynolds and also Adam Lind, so he wasn’t the lowest OBFBL kept player here.

    Actually several OBFBL keepers are even lower than that:
    Morrow – round 16
    Nathan – round 17
    Sizemore – round 17
    Bay – round 19
    Beltran – round 20

    of course the lowest is Soriano – round 23

  2. obfbl says:

    MORROW is ranked lower then Pagan – In your face Baller!!!

  3. Larry says:

    Looks about right to me. I am surprised that one of Cano or Cargo didnt go in the first round. They both had what might be career years last year. Perhaps the experts werent ready to buy at career year prices.

  4. Sean says:

    In the Sporting News Mag, their mock draft has CarGo as the #1 pick. That is crazy!

    Also Votto #4, and he didn’t even make the first round either in the ESPN mock.

  5. Docsodom says:

    This is a nice site, I hope I win in it’s inugural year.

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