Rookie Keeper Mock Draft – Rankings

Posted: January 26, 2011 in League News

Jonathan Mayo from is considered one of the top talent evaluators in the media.  His top 50 lists each year are not only used by fantasy and dynasty leagues but Major League front offices as well.  Based on this season’s list that was unveiled last night here is how our 2011 Rookie Keeper Draft would go.  (Obviously team need is not taken into consideration). Lets hear your comments!

#1 Aurora Asshats                                               #7 Pickering Dynasty
Mike Trout, Angels                                                Eric Hosmer, Royals

#2 Ajax Super Sods                                             #8 Aurora Asshats
Jeremy Hellickson, Rays                                        Julio Teheran, Braves

#3 Whitby Poo Dogs                                            #9 Brampton Blue Balls
Bryce Harper, Nationals                                          Kyle Drabek, Blue Jays

#4 Frankford Fury                                                #10 Pickering Dynasty
Domonic Brown, Phillies                                         Michael Pineda, Mariners

#5 Brampton Blue Balls                                      #11 Whitby Poo Dogs
Aroldis Chapman, Reds                                          Mike Montgomery, Royals

#6 Toronto Motorboats                                       #12 Pickering Dynasty
Mike Moustakas, Royals                                         Jacob Turner, Tigers

  1. Justinn Szpunar / To the Administration, I totally usnredtand the headaches that you must go through on a weekly basis trying to figure out the schedule. But if I could ask, can we as the players in the MSBL and MABL get tenative copy of the schedule, even though it may be subject to change? I personally and a handfull of my teammates would like to know when and where we are playing for the remainder of the summer. This would be a tremendous help in scheduling summer vacations with the family and would also give us coaches and managers a better grip on who we will have present for games on a week in and week out basis.Again, I completely usnredtand that it is not an easy thing to put the schedule together, so this is not a demand just simply a friendly request. Thanks Chris, Justinn Szpunar

  2. Thasha says:

    Chris Maxwell / The MABL Cubs beat the MSBL Tigers 3-1 in a pitchers duel. Andrew Pohl (4-0) pihetcd a gem for the win and the Cubs defense turned 2 double plays that saved runs. Joe Salas tossed 8 strong innings in this wood bat classic. The Tigers defense was just as critical in keeping this a low scoring affair. The two pitchers worked quickly and efficiently in a game that last lasted just 2 hours.

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