9 Years, 5 Players

Posted: February 11, 2011 in League News

This week was an exciting one for our league.  On Wednesday it was announced that the OBFBL Hall of Fame will open its doors to kick off our 10th anniversary season.  Owners were given the task of voting for their top players during each on the past nine season.  These votes combined with bonus keeper votes will determine weather or not a player is worthy of being an OBFBL HOFer!

During the process the questions was asked,  “Who are the only players who have been kept in every single season?”

I had to think about it for a while.  The first two are easy –  Alex Rodriguez (drafted #1 in ’02) and Albert Pujols (drafted #39 in ’02) have been, and continue to be Fantasy baseball powerhouses.  But the rest of the pack was much tougher.  Roy Halladay (drafted #129 in ’02) is the only pitcher to hold this honour.  The last 2 are both outfielders and could be in danger of continuing the keeper streak in 2011; Ichiro Suzuki (drafted #6 in ’02) and Carlos Beltran (drafted #82 in ’02).

Will these 5 players top of the Hall of Fame ballot this March?  Maybe….Maybe not.  The OBFBL HOF is as much about dominance and winning as it is sustained keepability.  Food for thought: Shooter Cup Championships amongst this group = 5 (Pujols-2, Halladay/Ichrio/Beltran-1, A-Rod-0).

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