1st Round Mock Draft

Posted: March 15, 2011 in League News

Since I don’t own an entry pick until #24, I thought I would make some unbiased educated guesses on how the first round could look on Saturday. I will do a Second Round mock on Thursday for you guys as well.

1-1 LEGACY – Adrian Beltre, 3B
Baller swears he is not choosing Phillips 1st overall in the draft.  That despite IMO there is no better player available.  Look for the Legacy to grab either a higher Average player like Beltre or reach for starting pitching.

1-2 ASSHATS – Brandon Phillips, 2B
Even with two second base keepers in Hill and Utley, Fisher is still in the building phase and will grab the best player available.  During the season he can easily deal his plethora of top 2-baggers to improve his keepers for 2012.

1-3 CRACKHEADS – Alexi Ramirez, SS
Chard has a very well rounded keeper set and 3 first round picks to play with.  I think he snags the best player at the toughest position with this first pick.  There is more depth available at OF and RP.

1-4 SUPER SODS – Carlos Marmol, RP
Carey is always a hard guy to predict, but I think the upside of Marmol’s Ks are too tough to pass on.  With a base of Bell and Marmol in the bullpen the Super Sods can focus on starters and offense for the next few rounds.

1-5 POO DOGS – Chris Young, OF
There is a history here as CYoung was one of Bobby’s Keeper cuts in 2010.  As a franchise on the rise Young is a great player to have around for years to come.

1-6 CRACKHEADS – Shane Victorino, OF
Pissed because the better upside was drafted ahead of him, The Crackheads go for the safer pick in Vicortino.  The Crackheads have added some much needed speed with this pick as well.

1-7 LEGACY – Roy Oswalt, SP
The Legacy’s number one need gets filled by the highest ranked SP in the draft.  Seems obvious to me.

1-8 CRACKHEADS – Martin Prado, 2B
Prado brings big time AVE and R to the table.  The Crackheads could take a Closer in this spot, but they have the 1st pick in the second round where there will still be plenty of options.  Chard locks down a solid player in Prado that he can use in UTL and fill in at 2B and 3B.

1-9 MOTORBOATS – TRIBE – Drew Stubbs, OF
Tagged the guy most likely to be the “Carlos Gonzalez” of 2011 – the hype surrounding Stubbs will be too much to keep him out of the first round….despite his .255 average.

1-10 DYNASTY – Casey McGhee, 3B
I would love to reach for a starter in this spot to add to the stud Dynasty rotation, I just don’t think there is one that warrants a pick here.  McGhee was extremely steady last year and has a good shot at becoming a .290/100/30/100 player that Larry will hype, then package to land Longoria.

1-11 GAPING GASH – Michael Young, 3B
The Gaping Gash go back to the MYoung well once again in 2011.  After all, It worked out great last season!!  I personally think Young will have a monster year trying to prove the Rangers organization wrong after the trade talk this offseason.

1-12 TRIBE – Corey Hart, OF
With the last pick in the 1st round the Tribe jump on the last real power OF in the draft.  Funny enough by season’s he may end up with the best one.

I would love to hear your comments!! Post below and tell me how badly I butchered this round!!!

  1. Docsodom says:

    I hate closers! I am taking Mcgee!

  2. Cheese says:

    How can Beltre go first when I’m taking him 12th. SHOTGUN!

  3. D Dog says:

    When is round 2 going up? I need to know who to pick on Sat : )

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