2011 OBFBL All-Star Player Analysis

Posted: July 11, 2011 in League News

2011 OBFBL All-Star Player Analysis

It’s that time of the year again where we take a close look at the MLB All-Stars and analyze the stats from the OBFBL from different angles.

We take a close look at:
– Who has the most All-Stars on their team right now, and broken down by AL/NL and also how many were keepers going into 2011 versus drafted
– Who had the most All-Stars on their team after the 2011 OBFBL draft, and broken down by AL/NL and also how many were keepers going into 2011 versus drafted
– A look at the All-Star “snubs” (selected subjectively by me)
– Who had the most keepers become all-stars
– Who had a great draft, or poor draft

Check out the full stats in this spreadsheet: 2011 All-Star Game Selections & Stats. Also, take a look at the OBFBL 2011 Draft sheet, with the All-Stars and Snubs highlighted.


– The Ajax Super Sods have the most All-Stars if we take a look at everyone’s team after the 2011 draft
– Incredibly, the Sods had 8 of their 9 keepers become All-Stars, while also drafting 7. The 7 drafted included 5 in a row from rounds 6 to 10. The Dick Dogs had the second most in both of those categories, so it is no surprise that those two teams are at the top of the OBFBL Standings

– The Brooklin Legacy and Pickering Dynasty seem to have a preference for the AL, and the Super Sods and Dick Dogs like the NL
– The Etobicoke Crackheads have the most “Snubs”, presumably keeping and drafting players that are very good, but just not All-Stars
– Only 9 players drafted in the first 5 rounds of the OBFBL 2011 draft became All-Stars (out of 60 players). Contrastly there were 10 players drafted in rounds 6-10 that were All-Stars, and 8 players drafted in rounds 11-15. Conclusion: having a lot of high end draft picks doesn’t always lead to success. Drafting smartly is arguably more important than drafting often. Of course, there is also a luck factor involved to avoid a few landmines

– The Brampton Blue Balls and Beaverton Gaping Gash are last with only 2 All-Stars each

– The Gaping Gash and Motorboats were the only 2 teams not to draft a player that became an All-Star


– Not surprising, the 4 teams leading the current OBFBL standings have the most All-Stars on their current roster
– The Dick Dogs lead the way with 17 All-Star players, which amazingly is over half of their 30-man OBFBL roster. The Super Sods also have an impressive 15 All-Stars. The Dick Dogs seem to have a preference for the AL, while the Sods seem to like the NL
– Both teams lead in the number of All-Stars that were keepers (by some team) and also drafted (by some team)
– The Crackheads have the most snubs on their roster, followed by the Super Sods. If you were to combine the Super Sods’ All-Stars and Snubs, that’s 23 players from their 30-man roster

– These numbers can be used to see what might happen in the second half. The Dick Dogs are currently the OBFBL leaders and looking very strong with 108.5 rotos and a 7 roto lead over the Crackheads, and 8 over the Super Sods. Based on these numbers, it appears that the Sods have the players to battle with the Dick Dogs in the second half, but do the Crackheads?

– Additionally, this could be a partial data factor into franchise health, with the Gash, Blue Balls, Dynasty and Motorboats all having 3 or less All-Stars. Of course player injuries play a huge factor


– The Yankees have the most All-Stars with 8, followed by the Red Sox with 6 and then Tigers, Phillies, Braves, Rangers and Giants all with 5
– The Rockies, Rays and Nationals all have the most “Snubs” with 4
– The Twins, Cubs, Marlins, Astros, Athletics and Padres all have only 1 All-Star and only 1 Snub. Not surprisingly, these teams are all amongst the worst in baseball

  1. Docsodom says:

    Wow great job compling the stats, I had no idea I had so many All Stars, Go you fucking Sods!!

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