2011 RK Picks – Where are they at?

Posted: August 2, 2011 in League News

The MLB Trade Deadline has passed and the OBFBL Trade Deadline of August 28th is fast approaching. For all of those looking to trade or acquire a 2011 Rookie Keeper draft pick, Here is the the ownership status of all 12 picks:

Kim’s RK pick – now with Pepsi (dealt to Larry on April 29th along with Wil Myers for JMontero/Storen ; dealt to Pepsi on July 21st along with Gordon/JSantana/others for Liriano/Latos/Nathan/Putz/Papelbon/Francisco/Jansen/Thornton)

Sean’s RK pick – now with Kim (dealt to Conley on April 22nd, for Berkman/Kendrick/Farnsworth/Fuentes; dealt to Kim on July 6th along with BUpton/Gallardo/Hellickson/Rauch for Lester/others)

Main’s RK pick – now with Larry (July 3rd deal along with Swisher/Hardy, for Wainwright/Tabata)

Bobby’s RK pick – now with Main (April 24th deal, for Kimbrel, with Lawrie also going to Main)

Carey’s RK pick – now with Main (April 27th deal, for Nunez/Lowrie/Crisp)

Baller’s RK pick – now with Bobby (April 4th deal, for Romero)

Larry’s RK pick – now with Cheese (draft day deal, for K-Rod/Bumgarner)

Dickie’s RK pick – now with Cheese (draft day deal, for Bourn/Valverde)

Cheese’s RK pick – Retained

Pepsi’s RK pick – Retained

Conley’s RK pick – Retained

Fisher’s RK pick – Retained

Please Let me know if you see any descrepancies.


  1. Ballo says:

    I’m never certain why the Twin Cities and Milwaukee’s suscces with attendance is evidence against the Rays. These teams draw well, they should be commended. As a native of Florida and a transplant to the Northeast my experience is that there is almost a mania, to do something, to do anything outdoors during the all-to-brief interlude between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I’ve looked at attendance information on minor league teams and northern teams seem to always draw more, even when dealing with MLB competition and a smaller population base. How do you explain in 2009 the New Britain Rock Cats drawing 5556 per game, and the city whose name is bandied about as our competition – Charlotte – the Knights drew 4513. The closest MLB team is 6 hours away, the population disparity is pronounced and most people in CT are fans of the Yankees, Sox and Met but they still have a better gate. I think if the roof comes off in St. Pete, Tampa, Brandon, Gulfport, or wherever attendance will drop even further.

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