Participation Score Projection

Posted: September 21, 2011 in League News

With one week left in the season it is interesting to project how the Draft Lotteries will shape up. Based on the “Pace” in Yahoo here are how each team is estimated to finish the season.

It’s interesting to see that our two new owners are at the bottom of this list.  I guess having lots of “N/A” RKs and prospects really hurts your roster flexibility over the course of a season.  It’s also important to note that both owners have traded their RK picks.

Obviously the Rookie Keeper Draft Lottery will look different given the number of RK picks that have been traded. Here is how the RK lottery would look:

Asshats – 30 Balls
Crackheads – 20 Balls
Tribe – 14 Balls
Gaping Gash – 8 Balls
Blue Balls – 4 Balls
Poo Dogs – 2 Balls
Dynasty – 0 Balls
Gaping Gash – 0 Balls

Fury – 9th Pick
Crackheads – 10th Pick
Dick Dogs – 11th Pick
Tribe – 12th Pick

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