Crackheads Smash Single Season SAVES Record

Posted: September 23, 2011 in League News

Sean Chard said back at the All-Star break that this record was “At Risk” and last weekend the Crackheads soared passed the Fury with their 193rd save of the season.  With one week to go in the season the Crackheads sit with an incredible 206 saves and 27.1 Innings still to go.  The previous record was set by the Frankford Fury back in 2009, I think it is safe to say this record will last a bit longer then that.

All of the other Season Records look pretty safe……

Batting Average: .297 (Crackheads ‘07 / Gash ‘02), Current: .281 (Dick Dogs)    Conclusion: record safe
Homeruns: 348 (Dynasty ‘06), Current: 276 (Dick Dogs)     Conclusion: record safe
RBI: 1170 (Dynasty ‘06), Current: 1038 (Dick Dogs)    Conclusion: record safe
Runs: 1254 (Dynasty ‘07), Current: 1070 (Crackheads)    Conclusion: record safe
Stolen Bases: 255 (Fury ‘07), Current: 197 (Dick Dogs)    Conclusion: record safe

Wins: 125 (Nomads – now Blue Balls ‘08), Current: 108 (Asshats)    Conclusion: record safe
Saves: 191 (Fury ‘09), Current: 205 (Crackheads)    Conclusion: record SMASHED
ERA: 3.07 (Gash ‘02), Current: 3.15 (Dick Dogs)    Conclusion: record safe
WHIP: 1.10 (Gash ‘04), Current: 1.16 (Dick Dogs)    Conclusion: record safe
Strikeouts: 1447 (Gash ‘04), Current: 1363 (Crackheads)    Conclusion: record safe

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