2011 Participation Score – Final Results

Posted: September 30, 2011 in League News

I still applaud our former owner Damon Hawkey for being so stubborn during the 2009 Rule Changes and developing our unique and effective Participation Score system. I am always reading comments in forums from frustrated Commissioners who are having Championship races being effected by owners losing interest after the all-star break and taking to try and get a better draft pick. I’m so glad to beyond that and to actually reward the teams that are the most active despite where they finish in the standings.

Here is the final Participation Score Rankings for 2011 and the breakdown of the Lottery Balls for both the Rookie Keeper and Entry Draft:

Congratulations to the Frankford Fury for their perfect score (2 years in a row) and the Aurora Asshats who where only a 1/3 of an inning away from Perfection!!  Both Draft Lotteries will take place at the Shooter Cup Celebration on October 11th.

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