Toronto Motorboats Logo Reveal

Posted: December 4, 2011 in League News

After one full season the Toronto Motorboats and owner Kim Ferreira finally have an amazing logo to compliment the franchises bright future.

The logo was designed by a Brooklin design agency and pulls in all of the elements that make the Motorboats….well the Motorboats. Massive titty mountains, electrifying surf and fast machinery are complimented by the classic split font made famous by another Toronto franchise that had a similarly epic logo reveal in the last month.

Ferreira sent the following statement via drunk text late last night “Our new mark gives us the strong and sexy identity that will propel us to greatness in the OBFBL”

The logo will appear on team Hats, Jerseys and full accessory line which includes jock straps, thongs and knee high socks.

Next up will be the logo release for the Brampton Blue Balls. Look for something later this week when Owner Ryan Main returns from Costa Rica.

  1. skippersguide says:

    Nice logo – very eye catching

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