Ballers Bold Predictions For 2012

Posted: March 2, 2012 in League News

Never one to shy away from controversy, Brooklin Legacy Owner Mike Mazgay, delivers his 5 Bold Predictions for the upcoming fantasy season.  We will see if Baller puts his Money, Cash, Money where his month is come October!  Enjoy a fun read by one the most entertaining owners in the O.

Matt Kemp – 50/50?
Actually no.  But really close. He will steal 50 bags but fall shy on the jack count. 47 to be exact. The only reason he won’t make it is because of his home park. Most of you are probably thinking, “Baller you’re a moron” and I am!  But I’ve watched Kemp and I my know he’s incredibly special. His team has nothing to fight for. All he has to do this season is pad his stats. And he will!

Jason Cheese – Money Spot?
I’ve heard rumblings that people think Cheese will finish in the money.  I’m here to dispel that notion.  Look, he’s building a decent team. That said, he doesn’t have the stones to make the moves necessary to win.  We are talking about a guy who wouldn’t trade A-Rod for a guaranteed Shooter Cup in 2007!!  I also predict that Dan Haren will retire on his team.

Most people think Manny’s return will be a joke.  Look, I’m not even sure if he will ever play again.  He might find something more interesting to do with his time.  That said, if he plays I think he will be a huge surprise.  Look at 2010.  In 90 games, he hit .298, 9 jacks and 42 RBI.  Not bad production. I think that he has a lot to prove and wouldn’t even attempt a comeback if he didn’t have it in him.  I’m predicting 100 games, .310, 14 jacks and 43 RBI.  For just over half the season that’s not bad!  When you look at where he will be drafted, he will be the steal of the draft!

Gaping Gash: Champs or Chumps?
Well, our red headed friend Chris Lowery is going for it this year.  Really???  Am I missing something here? Did me, Chard, Conley, Dunner, Dickie and Fisher all drop out of the league??  Did I miss the memo?
Let’s look at his squad. And I use that term loosely. Josh Hamilton. Playing for a contract but fighting the demons. The pressure of the contract and temptations of the next line and Coors Light will be too much. Poor guy gonna fall apart. Next!!!  At least he has Carl Crawford.  That worked out well last year. Didn’t it?  He ended up being one of the biggest busts ever. Sure. He may get better, but we won’t see a return to the glory days. AL East teams have caught up with him. Reyes should be good in Florida.  Outside of dropping all of his power in the new park and trying to defend himself from the daily death threats from Han-Ram all should be good in south beach. There’s the core!!
He’s got scary starting pitching in Hanson (mad concussion issues) and Zimmerman on the mound.  Yikes!   Lind can barely hit his weight, J-Roll is a shell of his former self, and A-Ram is a ram.  Choo? A decent 3rd of on a so so team.  Alex Gordon is good. If he played another position. Way too light hitting for a corner OF spot. You could easily get more power in the 8th round of the draft.
Look stranger things have happened. But this team is full of question marks.  A 5th place finish would be an achievement for this squad.

Anthony Rendon – time to trade Zimmerman??
It wouldn’t be a true “Baller Prediction” article without me bigging up one of my RK properties!  The haters will point to Brandon wood and JD Closser, I’d counter with Longo, Ellsbury and Posey.  I tend to poke fun at the league about being “asleep at the switch”.  Truth be told, I think we were ALL asleep at the switch kids!!  I assumed that Rendon had already been RK’d.  In my other league, he’s been RK’d since he was tearing up little league!  Not until I asked the question, did I realize he was still there!  It was my bad and your bad!!!   Bottom line, he’s the next Longo. Booook it!!  He’s going to have an amazing spring, but won’t start the season with the big club.  He’s always been projected as a 2013 guy. Something tells me that he will make a significant impact this year. Either Zimmerman will go down again or he will be simply too good to ignore. Either way, he’s going to blow up!! You all missed a perennial .300, 30 jacks, 100 RBI guy. Shame on you!

  1. ASS says:

    Weee… I do like him. His sassy take on things really pumps an adreline shot straight into the heart of this league! Bravo and encore!

  2. Shirley says:

    Well no complaints, we got a prttey good draw, compared to what we could of gotIt will be an interesting matchup with AC with most of their players and manager saying that Barca are the only team better than them (haha) We’ll show them that we are light years ahead of them, then there is the chance to shut Ibra up Not too sure about the other 2 teams, but they’ll fight it out for Europa Look forward to seeing the team be in Munich

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