Looking Back – 2011 OBFBL Pre-season Poll

Posted: March 29, 2012 in League News

By Sean Chard

As the 2012 baseball season gets underway, and we fill out our Predictions for 2012, let’s look back on the results from 2011.  See Poll Results Here.

2011 Poll Results:

– Shooter Cup: only Ryan correctly predicted that the Durham Dick Dogs would win the Shooter Cup in 2011. The consensus picks had the top 6 correct, just not the right order
– Storyline of the year: Conley and Larry both stated that Baller would finish out of the money and they were right. The best prediction came from Kim: “Bam Bitches!”
– Most pitching Rotos: no one predicted the Super Sods, who had the most
– Most batting Rotos: Main, Fisher and Chard also correctly picked the Dick Dogs
– Most keepers the same: Dickie and Chard tied, and several people predicted each
– Fewest keepers the same: Kim had 0 the same (although they only had 2 keepers going into the 2011 draft), and many predicted that

– AL & NL playoff winners: no one predicted Texas in the AL or St. Louis in NL
– NL MVP: only Bobby got Braun
– AL Cy Young: only Conley and Paul got Verlander
– NL Cy Young: only Paul had Kershaw (he correctly predicted by Cy Young winners)
– AL Rookie of the Year: Half of league correctly predicted Hellickson. Kim’s prediction was a little off – “Asian dude with the Twins”
– NL Rookie of the Year: Conley, Pepsi and Dickie all correctly predicted Kimbrel, and all had both ROY’s correct
– AL Comeback player: Main correctly predicted Ellsbury
– NL Comeback player: Conley correctly predicted Berkman (after drafting him in the 17th round with the 197th pick last year)

Fantasy Player Predictions:

– AL Breakout Players:
– Good predictions: Brett Lawrie (Conley), Alex Gordon (several), Elvis Andrus (Carey), Gio Gonzalez (several), Carlos Santana (several), Jeremy Hellickson (several)
– Bad predictions: Kila Ka’aihue (Conley), Matt LaPorta/Gordon Beckham/Brett Anderson (Kim), Travis Snider (several), Reid Brignac (Baller), Brian Matusz (several)

– NL Breakout Players:
– Good predictions: Ian Kennedy (Kim, Dickie), Michael Morse (Carey), Brandon Beachy (Bobby), Drew Storen (Baller), Mike Stanton (several), Cameron Maybin (Fisher)
– Bad predictions: Aroldis Chapman (several), Pedro Alvarez (several), Brett Wallace (Fisher)

– AL Fantasy Busts:
– Good predictions: Alex Rodriguez (Mazgay, Fisher), Francisco Liriano (Larry)
– Bad predictions: Jose Bautista (Kim, Dickie), CC Sabathia (Carey, Mazgay), Adrian Beltre (Main, Chard), Jose Valverde/Michael Young/Jonathan Papelbon (Chard)

– NL Fantasy Busts:
– Good predictions: Evan Meek (Conley), All Met players (Conley), All catchers / Jason Heyward / Pedro Alvarez (Pepsi), Wainwright (Bobby), Strasburg (Mazgay), Domonic Brown (Cheese, Fisher, Chard), Chase Utley (Cheese, Dickie), Buster Posey (Chard)
– Bad predictions: Roy Halladay (Kim), Matt Kemp (Carey), Cliff Lee (Conley), Mike Stanton (Main), Clayton Kershaw (Larry), Cole Hamels (Chard)

Make sure you get your 2012 Poll Results back to me as soon as possible!!

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