2012 OBFBL Poll Results

Posted: December 7, 2012 in League News

By Sean Chard

The MLB offseason is well in progress. The Winter Meetings are complete.  The OBFBL keeper deadline is TODAY!!

Let’s take a look back at the 2012 season and see how we did with our predictions in the Preseason poll.

OBFBL 2012 Poll (with previous years shown on previous tabs). Correct predictions highlighted in Orange (or bolded), with predictions that were close highlighted in Yellow.

2012 Poll Results:

Shooter Cup: Cheese and Larry both successfully picked the Pickering Dynasty to capture their 2nd Shooter Cup title. Cheese actually had the top 3 correctly predicted, in order. The Dynasty were the consensus 2nd place finisher. The consensus Champion – Sods – finished 2nd

Storyline of the year: It was all about THE RACE! A fantastic battle all year, with the final innings of the final games deciding the Champion.  Dickie’s prediction was close:  “Carey fails to win; becomes frustrated and leaves the league”.   Thankfully, the last part was not correct

Most pitching Rotos: 4 people successfully picked the Aurora Asshats  (Conley, Cheese, Fisher, Chard)

Most batting Rotos: 6 people successfully picked the Pickering Dynasty (Ferreira, Gunn, Riley, Ellis, Cheese, Fisher)

Most keepers the same: Too early to say since keeper announcements are still pending, but Poo Dogs might have the most with 5

Fewest keepers the same: This should be the Brooklin Legacy, who might end up with just 1 returning keeper from their team last year after the draft

AL & NL playoff winners: Ellis & Ferreira picked the Tigers to win the AL. Four people (Pepsi, Cheese, Fisher, Chard) picked the Giants to win the NL, however no one picked them to win the World Series

NL MVP: nobody picked Buster Posey to win it. Larry picked Braun, who was runner-up

Main, Ellis and Dickie all nailed Miguel Cabrera

AL Cy Young: Pepsi and Chard picked David Price

NL Cy Young:
no one picked R.A. Dickey, which is not surprising

AL Rookie of the Year: No one picked Mike Trout to win it, which is very surprising. None of the “experts” (scroll to the right in the spreadsheet) picked him either. It’s amazing to think that he went from ROY after-thought to unanimous choice and one of the best performances ever produced

NL Rookie of the Year: Only Conley picked Bryce Harper

AL & Comeback players: No one picked Fernando Rodney or Buster Posey

Fantasy Player Predictions:

AL Breakout Players:
– Good predictions: Chris Sale (Ellis, Fisher), Edwin Encarnacion (Dickie, Chard), Yoenis Cespedes (Gunn, Cheese)
– Bad predictions: LOTS. Peter Bourjos, Eric Hosmer, Henderson Alvarez, Jesus Montero, Luke Hochevar

NL Breakout Players:
– Good predictions: David Freese (Mazgay), Kenly Jansen (Ellis, Fisher, Chard), Aroldis Chapman (Dickie), Jason Motte (Chard)
– Bad predictions: Ike Davis, Cameron Maybin, Logan Morrison, Mat Gamel, Dee Gordon, Mike Minor

AL Fantasy Busts:
– Good predictions: Alex Rodriguez [2nd straight year] (Ferreira), Andrew Bailey (Riley), Michael Young (Fisher, Chard), Mike Napoli (Chard), Jose Valverde (Ellis, Dickie, Fisher), Carl Crawford (several), Alex Avila (several)
– Bad predictions: Justin Verlander (Gunn), Josh Hamilton (Dickie, Mazgay), Jim Johnson (Cheese)

NL Fantasy Busts:
– Good predictions: Heath Bell (Conley), Dee Gordon (Conley, Mazgay), Tim Lincecum (Pepsi), Lance Berkman (Ellis, Cheese), Brian Wilson (Ellis, Dickie)
– Bad predictions: Jason Heyward (Cheese), David Wright (Chard), Craig Kimbrel (Chard)

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