OBFBL Hall of Fame – Class of 2012

Posted: March 21, 2013 in League News

The OBFBL Hall of Fame opened it’s doors last year, with 6 inaugural inductees.

The intention is to highlight those baseball players that have had significant fantasy baseball success in the OBFBL. Several players in the 11 year history of the OBFBL have been crucial to teams winning the Shooter Cup, and others have had prolonged high performance results.

Players accumulate points each year in 4 ways:
1) Being a keeper
2) Being ranked in the top 20 players (based on final results that year)
3) Being a rookie keeper. With bonus points for being an impact rookie keeper (ranked in top 100 overall in their first or second RK year)
4) Voting points. Each team owner is given a discretionary amount of points to assign to players at the end of the year. The number of points is based on order of finish with the Shooter Cup winner getting 50 points, 2nd place with 35 points, 3rd place with 25 points, 4th place with 20 points, and the remaining teams getting 10 points. The team owner assigns points to players whose performances resulted in the success of their team

In order to be eligible for the OBFBL Hall of Fame players must reach a defined threshold. Today we are excited to announce the Class of 2012.

OBFBL HALL OF FAME – Class of 2012:

miguel-cabreraMIGUEL CABRERA
Class of 2012
147 HOF points
  • Kept in the OBFBL for the last 9 years
  • Has been absolutely dominant over those 9 years as one of the top players in baseball – overall player ratings: #41 in 2004, #13, #17, #22, #31, #12, #5, #7, #2
  • Second highest amount of Voting points of anyone in the Hall – 72 VP, only trails Pujols
  • Was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2004 OBFBL draft by the Gash, in between Jose Vidro and Pudge Rodriguez, and was traded to the Brooklin Legacy that same year
  • Cabrera was kept by the Legacy for 5 years until he was traded to the Pickering Dynasty in 2009, in a deal that pulled back a hefty return and helped propel the Legacy to their first Shooter Cup championship that season
  • In 2012, Cabrera was a huge contributor to the Dynasty’s 2nd championship, and Cabrera won his first. Miggy was a monster in 2012, capturing the AL triple-crown and winning the MVP award
  • At age 29, Cabrera is easily the youngest of the OBFBL HOF’ers, and he is right in the middle of his prime with many elite fantasy seasons still to come. He may wind up as the best fantasy player in the history of the OBFBL
  • Miguel Cabrera will enter the OBFBL Hall of Fame wearing a Pickering Dynasty jersey


Class of 2012
120 HOF points
  • Kept in the OBFBL for the last 9 years
  • Crawford had a massive peak from 2004 through 2010 where he was one of the best players in baseball. He ranked in the top 6 players in baseball 3 times during that period, and in the top 15 players a total of 6 times
  • Was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2004 OBFBL draft by the London Tribe, which could very well be their best draft pick ever (exempting the no-brainer A-Rod pick #1 overall in 2002)
  • Crawford was kept by the Tribe for 3 years, and then was traded frequently to teams as his SBs and overall production were in high demand
  • He won his first and only Shooter Cup in 2010 after being the #3 overall player in baseball that year, helping lead the Gash to their second championship
    Injuries have hampered Crawford the last couple seasons, however he is only 31 and can hopefully recover in 2013 and get back closer to where he once was
  • Carl Crawford will enter the OBFBL Hall of Fame wearing a London Tribe jersey

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