OBFBL Season Records

Posted: August 7, 2014 in League News

by Sean Chard

With less than 2 months to go in the OBFBL season, it’s a good time to look at the Record Book and see which Season records are at risk to fall this year.

OBFBL Season Records

A quick glance at the batting records and all of them are at no risk whatsoever to fall, and they are likely to remain intact forever from the 2006/2007 seasons when they were set.

In fact, if we tracked the totals for each stat for team with the most each year, this season we have break the record for the lowest winning total for several of the offensive categories.

With the dreadful offense numbers of course, this also means that some of the pitching records are at risk.

  • Wins: Record is 125 (set in 2008 by Blue Balls franchise) and is safe
  • Saves: Record is 213 (set in 2012 by Tribe), currently the Crackheads have 159 and would be on pace to break the record
  • Strikeouts: Record is 1508 (set in 2013 by Dynasty), currently the Crackheads are at 1107 (in 1054.2 IP) and are on pace to break the record
  • ERA: Record is 3.04 (set in 2013 by Dynasty), currently the Tribe are at 2.92 and have a good shot to break the record
  • WHIP: Record is 1.10 (set in 2004 by Sex Panthers franchise and the oldest standing Season record), currently the Blue Balls are at 1.14 and Tribe at 1.15. Both have a chance to get under 1.10 but it may be difficult


ADDITIONALLY:  The record for highest ever scoring season (Poo Dogs in 2008 at 110 rotos) is at risk, with the Blue Balls currently at 109 rotos and with points to gain


The Career Records may be changing hands after this year also. These will be updated on the site and a separate post in the offseason.

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