No Keepers, Last Pick = Shooter Cup (2014 Edition)

Posted: March 27, 2015 in League News

By Sean Chard

Each year we take a look back at and analyze what would happen if you had no keepers and the last pick of each round. Could you assemble a team strong enough to win the Shooter Cup?

Each year we’ve built a team that that would have won the Shooter Cup, here are the past results:

2010 Hindsight Warriors article
2011 Hindsight Warriors article
2012 Hindsight Warriors article

2013 Hindsight Warriors article

Let’s take a look back at the 2014 Fantasy Baseball season and do it again, and see if we can build a team to defeat the Brampton Blue Balls’ Shooter Cup winning team (with a near record score of 107 rotos).

There were a lot of BIG surprises in 2014, including some impressive rookies – Jose Fernandez, Yasiel Puig, Jean Segura; major breakouts from emerging stars like Corey Kluber, Jose Altuve, Michael Brantley, Devin Mesoraco; and some old guys still bringing it – Victor Martinez, Jimmy Rollins, Jon Lester, Francisco Rodriguez.

Here is how the rest of team looks like.


C – Devin Mesoraco (round 17) and Yan Gomes (round 11) [using a % of each of their stats for 162 GP]
1B – Chris Carter (round 9)
2B – Jose Altuve (round 1)
3B – Todd Frazier (round 12)
SS – Jimmy Rollins (round 13)
UTIL – Victor Martinez (round 3)
UTIL – Brian Dozier (round 5)
OF – Michael Brantley (round 7)
OF – Ben Revere (round 6)
OF – Corey Dickerson (round 25)
OF – Brandon Moss (round 12)
OF – Charlie Blackmon (round 26)

– Killer comeback seasons from Revere, Martinez, Rollins
– Big breakouts from Altuve, Mesoraco, Frazier, Blackmon, Brantley, Dozier
– Moss joins the Hindsight Warriors for the 2nd straight season

Offensive Totals (and Roto rank):
R = 984 (10 Rotos) HR = 265 (12 Rotos) RBI = 910 (8 Rotos)
SB = 243 (12 Rotos) Batting Average = .285 (12 Rotos) TOTAL = 54 ROTOS

Our Pitching Staff

P – Corey Kluber (round 10)
P – Johnny Cueto (round 8)
P – Jon Lester (round 4)
P – Matt Shoemaker (round 15)
P – Jake Arrieta (round 16)
P – Wade Davis (round 19)
P – Zach Britton (round 20)
P – Francisco Rodriguez (round 18)
P – Dellin Betances (round 22)
P – Santiago Casilla (round 21)
P – Sean Doolittle (round 23)

P – Tony Watson (round 24)

– Big breakouts from Kluber, Arrieta, Britton
– An out of nowhere comeback season by Cueto
– Lots of RP gold, as there seems to be every year

Pitching Totals (and Roto rank):
IP = 1496.1 W = 117 (12 Rotos) SV = 128 (10 Rotos) K = 1616 (12 Rotos)
ERA = 2.34 (12 Rotos) WHIP = 0.99 (12 Rotos) TOTAL = 54 ROTOS

GRAND TOTAL 112 Rotos  and the 2014 SHOOTER CUP!!!     (and a new OBFBL scoring record)
Read through the full spreadsheet for the 2014 Hindsight Warriors HERE.

In summary, any team can win the Shooter Cup this year! Even those that have rebuilt and are down to 4 or 5 keepers. Keepers are great for building the foundation of your team for the year, but your draft and post-draft success (and some luck of course) are equally important. This is something for us to keep in mind as we all prepare for the 2015 Draft, now just 1 day away!

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