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By Sean Chard

Each year we take a look back at an

If you had one shot,
or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
In one moment
Would you capture it
Or just let it slip?
If you had no Keepers,
no Rookie Keepers
and picked at the end of every round
Could you win the Shooter Cup?
Would you capture it
Or just let is slip?
Presenting the 2022 version of the Hindsight Warriors!
The bats are led by power bats with Rowdy Tellez who we’ll take in the 19th round, Daulton Varsho in the 2nd, Nathaniel Lowe in the 9th, Christian Walker in the 12th and Anthony Santander in the 14th. Some power / speed combo bats add to the roster with Adolis Garcia who we’ll take in the 4th round, Andres Gimenez in the 16th, plus Jorge Mateo and Michael Harris II, who we’ll scooped off waivers during the season.
Our pitching staff sweeps all roto categories, led by Justin Verlander who we’ll grab in the 1st round, Triston McKenzie in the 5th and Cristian Javier in the 8th.
Some big waiver grabs also with Kyle Wright who led the league with 21 wins, and of course Spencer Strider and his massive rate.
The bullpen is dominant with Emmanuel Clase, Devin Williams and Paul Sewald drafted, plus big pick ups for Felix Bautista, Ryan Helsley, and everyone’s favourite Blue Jay – Adam Cimber and his 10 wins.
So what does this tell us?  Anyone can win any year, even if you’re just joining this season as an expansion team.

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Posted: March 8, 2023 in League News

1. Durham Dick DogsGunnar Henderson (3B)

2. Torrance High TopsElly De La Cruz (SS)

3. Torrance High Tops – Jordan Walker (OF)

4. Riverdale LegacyJackson Chourio (OF)

5. London Tribe – Tristan Casas (1B)

6. Torrance High TopsJames Wood (OF)

7. Aurora Fire Balls Jordan Lawlar (SS)

8. Kenora Muskies – Miguel Vargas (1B)

9. Durham Dick Dogs – Hunter Brown (SP)

10. Aurora Fire BallsEzequiel Tovar (SS)

11. Torrance High TopsEsteury Ruiz (OF)

12. London TribeKodai Senga (SP)

13. Kenora MuskiesDruw Jones (OF)

14. Wei’s Expansion TeamVaughn Grissom (2B)

15. Wei’s Expansion TeamJackson Holliday (SS)

16. Torrance High TopsFrancisco Alvarez (C)

Keeper Rankings 2023

Posted: February 16, 2023 in League News

By Ryan Main

Congratulations Kim on your first….wait, what? AGAIN? I guess Sean was insulted by Larry’s attempt to catch up to his record # of titles. Sean held off a serious push from Kim in the last week to capture yet another Shooter Cup! Congratulations Sean, Kim and the other money teams!

As we head into the 2023 keeper decisions, here’s how our rosters stacked up at years end….

There’s only upside from here Wei. Welcome to the league and good luck climbing the ranks!

Bobby finished behind Marko? Now THAT should have a punishment! Hey, at least your team is old too.

Marko, I know the ranks say Heaney isn’t good, but you can still keep him. Please, keep him.

Well, at least you won a cup.


Welcome back Tatis! Better luck on the injury, suspension front this year.

Do you miss Trout yet?

There’s Trout! How fun is that!

Acuna’s back! #1 player and a young team overall, someone’s moving in the right direction!

BOOOOOOO, MANOAH….sweet Jays keepers. Jo Adell is still playing?

Trade me Vlad already, c’mon!

These RK’s could all go off this year…sleeper team! Too bad Rodon is a Yankee, you’ll have to boo him all year.

Well that’s gotta be a mistake…didn’t this guy trade 30 guys just 2 years ago for…oh…2 first rounders. Fun stuff.

How does this guy keep winning and rebuilding at the same time? Kim, I told you to push harder when he was offloading! BOOOOOOOOOOOO Sean, BOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Draft Orders 2023

Posted: November 2, 2022 in League News

ROOKIE KEEPER DRAFT – Wednesday March 8th, 2023

  1. Durham Dick Dogs
  2. Scarborough Garkos
  3. Frankford Fury
  4. Riverdale Legacy
  5. London Tribe
  6. Torrance High Tops
  7. Aurora Fire Balls
  8. Kenora Muskies
  9. Durham Dick Dogs (Chronic)
  10. Etobicoke Crackheads (Poo Dogs)
  11. Torrance High Tops (Super Sods)
  12. London Tribe (Motor Boats)
  13. Kenora Muskies (Crackheads)
  14. Wei’s Expansion Team
  15. Wei’s Expansion Team
  16. Wei’s Expansion Team

ENTRY DRAFT – Saturday March 25th

  1. Torrance High Tops
  2. Kenora Mukies
  3. Frankford Fury
  4. Scarborough Garkos
  5. Durham Dick Dogs
  6. Aurora Fire Balls
  7. London Tribe
  8. Riverdale Legacy
  9. Richvale Chronic
  10. Wei’s Expansion Team
  11. Whitby Poo Dogs
  12. Ajax Super Sods
  13. Etobicoke Crackheads
  14. Sauga Motor Boats


Posted: March 25, 2022 in League News

Searching for Torrance High Tops Estate…..Just follow the cups!!


Posted: March 21, 2022 in League News

1. Garkos – Seiya Suzuki 

2. Chronic – Gabriel Moreno

3. Muskies – Riley Greene

4. Crackheads – Shane Baz

5. Gold Balls – O’Neill Cruz

6. Tribe – Grayson Rodriguez

7. Legacy – Anthony Volpe

8. Chronic – Noelvi Marte

9. Gold Balls – Josh Lowe

10. Poo Dogs – Brennan Davis

11. Gold Balls – Seth Beer

12. Chronic – Zac Veen

13. Garkos – Corbin Carroll

14. Garkos – Orelvis Martinez 

15. Garkos – Cade Cavalli

We’ve known it for 20 years, Sean Chard is a Fantasy Baseball Guru. No one plans and prepares like he does. Even with 90% of our Commissioner duties, Sean always find ways to out hustle others with his analytical outlook and spreadsheet mastery. Now, thanks to the masses can learn from one of the best! The whole league enjoyed his first published article and are looking forward to reading more in the near future! Well done Sean!!

Check it out…..

Keeper Rankings 2022

Posted: February 24, 2022 in League News

By Ryan Main

I didn’t even have to write this – I’ll leave it the same as my last 2020 update – Congratulations Larry on another Shooter Cup win. As always, a LOT of moves were needed to win the cup, especially to cover off a ton of in-season injuries. Larry proved once again that Sean isn’t the only dynasty in the OBFBL.

ADP Values are from the NFBC. Composite rankings are from Rotowire/Fantasy Pros and Dynasty Rankings from CBC/ESPN. It was a straight average across those 4.

As we head into the 2022 keeper decisions, here’s how our rosters stacked up at years end…

13markoThere’s only upside from here Marko. Welcome to the league and good luck climbing the ranks!















Draft Orders 2022

Posted: November 5, 2021 in League News


  1. Crackheads (Super Sods)
  2. Fury
  3. Muskies
  4. Crackheads
  5. Gold Balls (Crackheads)
  6. Tribe
  7. Legacy
  8. High Tops (Chronic)
  9. High Tops (Motor Boats)
  10. Poo Dogs
  11. Crackheads (Dick Dogs)
  12. Chronic (High Tops)
  13. Marko’s Expansion Team (Scarborough Garkos)
  14. Marko’s Expansion Team (Scarborough Garkos)
  15. Marko’s Expansion Team (Scarborough Garkos)

ENTRY DRAFT – Saturday March 26th

  1. Crackheads
  2. Muskies
  3. Fury
  4. Super Sods
  5. Tribe
  6. Gold Balls
  7. Chronic
  8. Marko’s Expansion Team (Scarborough Garkos)
  9. Motor Boats
  10. Poo Dogs
  11. High Tops
  12. Dick Dogs
  13. Legacy

Draft Orders 2020

Posted: January 13, 2020 in League News

ROOKIE KEEPER DRAFT – Monday February 17 (online)

  1. Dick Dogs
  2. Fury
  3. Gold Balls
  4. Asshats
  5. Legacy
  6. Super Sods
  7. Poo Dogs
  8. Tribe
  9. Crackheads (Chronic)
  10. Crackheads
  11. Fury (Motor Boats)
  12. Motor Boats (Dynasty)

ENTRY DRAFT – Saturday February 29th

  1. Fury
  2. Gold Balls
  3. Asshats
  4. Dick Dogs
  5. Legacy
  6. Super Sods
  7. Poo Dogs
  8. Tribe
  9. Crackheads
  10. Motor Boats
  11. Dynasty
  12. Chronic