2005 – Fury


When Fury owner and league commissioner Mike Conley had Derek Lee slip to him with the 10th pick in 2005 entry draft he knew he had caught a break. Little did he know that D. Lee, the 2005 Fury MVP would be instrumental in leading the team to a magical season. The Frankford Fury came off an incredibly disappointing 2004 season finishing a franchise low 7th place. Conley was able to assemble one of the best keeper crops heading into the season and was lucky enough to win the draft lottery as well. A strong draft was the key for the Fury in 2005. Pat Burrell, Andrew Jones, Rafael Furcal, BJ Ryan and the previously mentioned Lee were some of the talent that put the Fury in a position to become a serious Shooter Cup contender by the end of April. Looking to seize the opportunity in front of him Conley did the unthinkable by dealing Vadimir Guerrero and Alfonzo Soriano in separate deals to strengthen every category and fill every hole on the Fury Roster. The Fury Caught fire winning the monthly prizes for May, June and July. As the trade deadline approached the Fury had cooled down and the red hot Beaverton Gaping Gash had closed the gap to 3 Roto points. Conley made a last minute deal sending Pedro Martinez, another top keeper away to bring in SB leader Chone Figgins, fireballer Jason Schmidt and others. That final sacrifice proved to be enough to hold off the tenacious Gash and capture the first Shooter Cup Championship for the city of Frankford.

“Winning the Shooter Cup is the pinnacle of my fantasy baseball career.” Conley said with a smile. “To win this league you have to be extremely talented as the OBFBL owners are top of the line” “I can tell you that raising the Shooter Cup is worth the countless hours of draft prep, the stress of the season and the sacrifice of trading away top keepers. The Shooter Cup lives up to every ounce of the Hype!!”

Conley set OBFBL records for the Most Roto points with 99.5 and the Most Cash won by a franchise in a single season with $750.00. The Beaverton Gaping Gash finished second, Toronto Panty Sniffers third and the North York Muff Divers fourth.