Riverdale Sex Panters

Chris Smith23479_636577567190_3895640_n
EST: 2002 – New Owner 2013



Shooter Cups: 2  (T-1st)
Cash Winnings: $1,550.00  (5th)
Average League Standing: 5.55  (4th)  
Average Roto Point Total: 67.7  (4th)
Season Records: 3  (T-1st)
Career Records: 1  (T-4th)
Hall of Fame Players: 1

R: 1152
HR: 301 (2004)
RBI: 1089 (2009)
SB: 183 (2005)
AVG: .297 (2002)
W: 97 (2005)
SV: 189 (2004)
K: 1447 (2004)
ERA: 3.07 (2002)
WHIP: 1.10 (2004)

NOTE: Franchise originally first owned in 2002 by Chris Lowery and named “Beaverton Gaping Gash”.  In 2013 Chris Smith took over the team, relocated it to Riverdale and named it the Sex Panthers

  1. Djavan says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    ummmm, WTF?

  3. ASS says:

    Oh boy…. that is a nice fucking begininng to the league!

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