Keeper Rankings 2023

Posted: February 16, 2023 in League News

By Ryan Main

Congratulations Kim on your first….wait, what? AGAIN? I guess Sean was insulted by Larry’s attempt to catch up to his record # of titles. Sean held off a serious push from Kim in the last week to capture yet another Shooter Cup! Congratulations Sean, Kim and the other money teams!

As we head into the 2023 keeper decisions, here’s how our rosters stacked up at years end….

There’s only upside from here Wei. Welcome to the league and good luck climbing the ranks!

Bobby finished behind Marko? Now THAT should have a punishment! Hey, at least your team is old too.

Marko, I know the ranks say Heaney isn’t good, but you can still keep him. Please, keep him.

Well, at least you won a cup.


Welcome back Tatis! Better luck on the injury, suspension front this year.

Do you miss Trout yet?

There’s Trout! How fun is that!

Acuna’s back! #1 player and a young team overall, someone’s moving in the right direction!

BOOOOOOO, MANOAH….sweet Jays keepers. Jo Adell is still playing?

Trade me Vlad already, c’mon!

These RK’s could all go off this year…sleeper team! Too bad Rodon is a Yankee, you’ll have to boo him all year.

Well that’s gotta be a mistake…didn’t this guy trade 30 guys just 2 years ago for…oh…2 first rounders. Fun stuff.

How does this guy keep winning and rebuilding at the same time? Kim, I told you to push harder when he was offloading! BOOOOOOOOOOOO Sean, BOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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