No Keepers, Last Pick = Shooter Cup

Posted: March 18, 2011 in League News

As I cram today trying to finalize my draft prep, I am finding myself floating in between 2 completely different strategies.  One (the one I want to use) is all about competing.  Assembling the best offense in the league and then using my proven ability to piece together pitching staffs that are cheap, yet effective.  The other strategy of drafting the most tradeable assets is boring, but after the Hanley deal it is the smarter strategy for the future of the Fury Franchise.

After all, I am up against teams who have 6, 7, 8 more keepers then I do, plus a million extra picks.  There is no way I could compete this year, is there?  That’s the question I waned to answer in this post.   In order to negate the obvious advantage of hindsight I made this mission even tougher.  I wanted to see if I could assemble a team that would have won the 2010 Shooter Cup with zero keepers and the last pick in every round of the draft.  It was an up hill battle given the incredible 107 Rotos the Gaping Gash put up last season.  Armed with an all-nighter at the Quebec airport and some consultation with the OBFBL “Stat Man” Sean Chard I was going to give it my best shot!  Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the:


C – John Buck (Round 16)
1B – Paul Konerko (Round 12)
2B – Rikie Weeks (Round 3)
3B – Adrian Beltre (Round 8 )
SS – Juan Uribe (Round 22)
UTL – Casey McGehee (Round 21)
UTL – Martin Prado (Round 10)
OF – Jose Bautista (Round 11)
OF – Chris Young (Round 6)
OF – Delmon Young (Round 14)
OF – Brett Gardner (Round 7)
OF – Juan Pierre (Round 5)

My Offensive Totals and (League Roto Rank)

R = 1035 (6 Rotos)     HR = 286 (12 Rotos)     RBI = 1038 (11 Rotos)
SB = 177 (11 Rotos)     AVE = .283 (12 Rotos)  TOTAL = 53 Rotos

SP – Jared Weaver (Round 1)
SP – Mat Latos (Round 9)
SP – Jamie Garcia (Round 19)
SP – Gio Gonzalez (Round 15)
SP – Trevor Cahill (Round 17)
SP – Carlos Marmol (Round 2)
RP – Rafeal Soriano (Round 4)
RP – John Axford (Round 18)
RP- Kevin Gregg (Round 23)
RP- Tyler Clippard (Round 24)

My Pitching Totals and (League Roto Rank)

W = 114 (11.5 Rotos)     SV = 146 (9 Rotos)     K = 1409 (12 Rotos)
ERA = 3.02 (12 Rotos)     WHIP= 1.19 (11 Rotos)  TOTAL = 55.5 Rotos

GRAND TOTAL 108.5 Rotos and the 2010 SHOOTER CUP!!!
Read through the full spreadsheet for the Hindsight Warriors HERE.

The moral of the story?  To illustrate  that no matter who your keepers are, or the amount of picks you have traded, the Entry Draft is still the biggest key to opening up the Shooter Cup vault this October.   FURY 2011?  It could happen bitches!!!

  1. Ryan says:

    Very interesting…so, does that mean you’re gonna go for the big win? I’d have to agree, that not only the draft, but a lot of luck (injuries) and hitting the waiver wire fast contribute quite a bit to the full season success.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cool article Conley! And 33% of your offensive picks are Poo.

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