Durham Dick Dogs win the 2011 Shooter Cup

Posted: September 29, 2011 in League News

For the second time the Shooter Cup returns to Durham and to the mantle of Dick Dogs owner Steve Dickie.  It was a dominate season for the team who only made an astonishing 13 transactions to amass 108.5 and the OBFBL title.   It should be noted that while his draft was extremly strong and he did make some timely trades and pick-ups.   Dickie also dealt the #1 (Matt Kemp) and #2 (Justin Verlander) players in fantasy proving once again the team who is willing to sacrifice can reach the ultimate goal!!  Congratulations Dickie on an amazing season!!

We will hear more from Dickie over the weekend with his Shooter Cup Tribute Article.  I will also discuss location with him for his Shooter Cup Party and let you know.

I would also like to congratulate the Ajax Super Sods for their amazing run in the last week of the season that saw them go from a distant 3rd to a 2nd Place finish.  Impressive work Carey!

Sean Chard and the Etobicoke Crackheads seemed to be the biggest rival to the Dick Dogs all season, but inconsistency at the wrong time cost them second place.  Sean was very calculated at the deadline and was able to add some very valuable assets for 2012, I guess you have to ask the question….did he give up too much?

Also of note was the amazing rise of the Pickering Dynasty who in late August was making deals to gain speed and saves despite being at 50-some rotos with many teams ahead of him for 4th place.  I didn’t think he stood a chance, but in true Larry Ellis fashion he figured out a way to be back in the money for an OBFBL record 6th straight time!  That is incredible!

It was an outstanding season guys!!  Thank you for all of your hard work and diligence this year!!  I will post the final Participation scores and firm up the Shooter Cup Celebration in the next couple of days!


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